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Local Chapters
   Besides AMICA membership generally, there are local chapters throughout the United States that you can also join. Chapters meet periodically, usually a few times or more per year. Meetings take place in member's homes and local venues of interest. Usually there's a small additional chapter membership fee per household to help fund meetings. If you have a passion for automated musical instruments, whether you own any or not, and you are interested in joining a local chapter, you're encouraged to contact the Chapter Officers in your area to find out when/where their next meeting will be: you can usually attend as a guest first too, to see what it's like. You will meet other friendly people who share this common interest in automatic musical instruments!

Here are links to articles on past Chapter Activities published in the AMICA Bulletin:





Winter    Winter









Before joining a local Chapter, you must first be a member of AMICA International. Visit our membership page for more information on joining!

Contact Information:

Founding  (redirects first to AMICA links page)
     President: John Ulrich



Lady Liberty
   President:  Marie Beemish
   Vice President: 
Vincent Morgan

SOWNY, Southern Ontario-Western New York
Glenn Roat 

Kirk Russell 


Don Johnson


Southern California
    Board Representative:
Frank Nix

Chicago (redirects first to AMICA links page)
    Vice President:
Richard Van Metre


Northern Lights (MN, ND, SD)
President: Gary Goldsmith

    President: Bob Stewart
    Secretary: Jim Quashnock

Heart of America
Mike Schoeppner
    Secretary: Bob Stout 


Pacific Can-Am
    President: Rob Reid








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