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AMICA Bulletins
Every AMICA Bulletin ever published -- over 400! -- dating back to 1964

(members and non-members can click on any image to read complete bulletin)

Mechanical Music Literature, Terry Smythe et al.
A vast collection --over 1200-- of music trade publications

Standard Player Monthly, Ampico, Tuner's Journel, Music Trade Review, The Music Trades, and MUCH more!
NEW 34 documents purchased from Vestal Press and contributed by Milton Schenk, digitized by Terry!

(members and non-members can click on any image to read complete publication)

AMICA Technicalities
AMICA Bulletin Technical Articles in 7 volumes -- over 400! -- 1969-2005

(members and non-members can click on any image to view pdf index file)

The Frank Himpsl Collection of MIDI Files
A large collection of midi files -- over 1650 -- for automated piano...
...or just great listening!

The Billing's Rollography
A huge Rollography featuring; QRS, Recordo, Solo-Carola Rolls, Tel-Electric, 1916-1994

(members and non-members can click on any image to view full size) 

Past Conventions and Events Historic Audio and Video Clips
(members ONLY, but non-members can view most of these clips on the AMICA YouTube Channel)

AMICA Bulletin Companion Audio/Video Files
AMICA Bulletin articles reference, audio/video companion files
Look for the movie/gramophone icons in the bulletins and then check here!

AMICA Annual Meeting Minutes/Reports

AMICA Members Only Book Discount
Discount book purchases for AMICA members only

How to Submit Content ...
See the Publications section for information on how to submit Articles, Reports, Media, or Original Text for publication.
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