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The AMICA Bulletin
AMICA Bulletin is a bi-monthly journal devoted to mechanical music. The Bulletin includes new articles about artists and events related to mechanical music, technical pieces, reprints of ads from the heyday of the player piano, reports on chapter activities and other good stuff. Members receive the AMICA Bulletin as a membership benefit. Back issues are sold as single copies (as available) or bound annuals for the years 1971 through 1999. (contact our Membership Secretary for more information from the Our Organization page).

Members also receive a copy of the AMICA Member Directory as a membership benefit. The Directory is publish bi-annually, and contains a listing of members and their contact information and their published instrument list. Data is sorted by Last name and by State/Region for easy indexing. Members may also order additional copies. (contact our Membership Secretary for more information from the Our Organization page)

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Archived in the Members Only Section are digital copies of over 400 AMICA Bulletins dating back to 1964, that members can access for research and nostalgic pleasure. Here is a link to the articles index, 05/1964 thru 02/2010: AMICA Bulletins Article Index

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Some Technical Articles that have appeared in past Bulletins ...


The Choralcelo by C.W. Jenkins

The Evolution of the Ampico by Richard Howe and Jeff Morgan

Victor Arden and Adam Carroll, The Preeminent Piano Duo by Barry Leedy

Self-Tuning Pianos Soon to be a Commercial Reality by Karl Ellison

Welte Covered by Denis Condon

Fidelity and the Ampico System by Nelson Barden, Jeff Morgan, Richard Howe

J. Lawrence Cook Biography - Part 1 of 2 by Jean Lawrence Cook M.D.

Tech-Tips: Ampico Modification Systems by Jeff Morgan

J. Lawrence Cook Biography - Part 2 of 2 by Jean Lawrence Cook M.D.

Tech-Tips: Duo-Art Accordion Pneumatics by David Saul

T-100 Welte-Mignon; The actual cost of Ownership by Mark Reinhart

History of the Player - McTammany by Julian Dyer

Book Publications:

The Reblitz-Bowers Encyclopedia of
American Coin-Operated Pianos and Orchestrions
and Related Instruments

An AMICA Publication for 2021, By Arthur A. Reblitz & David Bowers

AMICA Members: $85 USA/$90 Canada Shipping
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Non-Members: $100 USA/$105 Canada Shipping
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Michael Walter

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AMICA is proud to announce this long-awaited publication of The Reblitz-Bowers Encyclopedia of American Coin-Operated Pianos and Orchestrions and Related Instruments. The title says it all! Written by the most revered authors of mechanical music, this entirely new hardcover book in 8-1/2” X 11” contains over 900 pages packed with the history of every major American builder of coin pianos and orchestrions, plus pictures of every known model. For a printable advertisement, click here



Encyclopedia of American Organettes
1870s - 1910s
A History, Catalog, Raisonné, and Appreciation

An AMICA Publication for 2019, By Q. David Bowers

Members and Non-Members $49.95 + $6.00 Continental USA Shipping
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Michael Walter

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I am pleased to announce that our resident AMICA author, Q. David Bowers, has contributed another of the “Encyclopedia” series, this time all about American organettes. This is a wonderful book that should be in all members’ collection. It is very high quality hard back, some 325+ pages, and some 1,000+ images, many in glorious color. A fine presentation on your favorite coffee table.

The book is a great example what of emerges from research, something all AMICAs will be pleased with. It contains 33 chapters, embracing their history, observations about collecting, and an in-depth review of 29 American manufacturers. Many previously undocumented surprises emerge. Kevin McElhone in the UK, an author in his own right, has made numerous contributions towards publication of this book. He comments in his Foreword– “I hope any reader ofthis new book will have their imagination inspired to find out more and perhaps even to start collecting these interesting early automatic musical instruments.” While I did the layout of the book, in preparation for printing, I was delighted that AMICAns Mike Walter and Joel Clusky, stepped in to complete the project and bring it to life in its full glory! Very much appreciated.

The book is now available to members and non-members at an introductory price of $49.95 + $6 postage (continental US), valid until the initial print run is sold out. Purchase may be made by personal check or bank money order, made payable to AMICA International, mailed to Project Coordinator, Mike Walter. When the initial print run is sold out, the book will continue to be made avaiilable at an increased cost directly through our publisher. All are encouraged to take advantage of this initial favorable introductory price.

   Terry Smythe


Encyclopedia of Disc Music Boxes
1881 - 1920
A History, Catalog Raisonné, and Appreciation

Click on image for preview

An AMICA Publication for 2017, By Q. David Bowers

This high-quality book, with 43 chapters, 715 pages and some 1 ,600+ images, is a "must have" book for all AMICAns and others sharing an interest in disc music boxes. A classic coffee table type book to be prominently displayed in members' homes, it is certain to provoke interest in automatic musical instruments, and enhance membership numbers. After many years of gathering new information, David has skillfully traced the origins and development of disc music boxes from the 1880's to the early 1920's. This book contains information about disc-type music boxes made in Germany, Switzerland, America, and a few other places, much of which is new information not previously published. Each company has its own chapter, beginning with its history, publicity and news as reflected in German and American trade papers and elsewhere, followed by a listing of models in order by disc sizes, original catalogue illustrations, specifications, and other rarely found information. Throughout is a "gallery" of full color photographs showing examples from private collections and museums around the world.

  Terry Smythe

Sold out as of February 2024


The Violin-Playing Machines
Hupfeld Phonoliszt-Violina
Mills Violano-Virtuoso
A Study and Appreciation

Click on image for preview
An AMICA Publication for 2012 By Q. David Bowers  

Exclusively through AMICA ...

Sold out as of October 2015


"Mechanical Music" by Kevin McElhone
(In it's Third-Printing!)

Available directly through Kevin McElhone

As an AMICA project, the Midwest Chapter has available the book "Mechanical Music" by Kevin McElhone for a very reasonable cost.  The 4"x 8" paperback book is an excellent introduction to all aspects of automatic musical instruments including history, descriptions, and basic principles of operation.  The book has 48 pages with over 100 color photographs including a photograph of J. Lawrence Cook at his arranging piano.  The book is ideal to acquaint individuals to automatic music and encourage prospective collectors to participate in AMICA.  AMICA members who host groups and individuals for display and demonstration of their instruments should have a number of copies on hand to make available to people that wish to learn more and/or have a memento of their visit.  Each book will
be provided with a large AMICA label on the inside front cover and an AMICA membership pamphlet insert.  

The sound of a street "barrel organ" or a fairground organ may revive distant memories for older folk or stir an interest in younger people.  Wealthier families may have possessed their own automatic musical machines in the form of a player piano, a Polyphone, Regina, or cylinder music box.  If well treated, these instruments may still be in working order.  This book covers the history, development, use, and fall from favor of many types of exotic instruments, from pocket-sized musical boxes to roll-playing pipe organs, and everything else in between.  It describes pianolas, organettes, roller organs, orchestrions, carillons, and many more.  It introduces a complex subject in a way that will encourage readers to visit collections open to the public or join one of the societies that encourage restoration of instruments to their former glory.

Partial able-Of-Contents: 
Music Boxes - Including cylinder & disk of many types and manivelles
Street Instruments
- Including roll & barrel monkey organs, fairground organs, street organs, and barrel pianos
Player Pianos
- Including Pianola (push up), barrel & planchette, standard & reproducing roll played, coin,  nickelodeon, and  orchestrions
Indoor Organs - Including table top organettes of many kinds, barrel pipe, roll played reed, dance, and orchestral 

Other Instruments
- Including novelty, violin players, singing birds, musical clocks, carillons, automatons, player harps, and photoplayers


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