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Local Chapters meet periodically, usually 3-4x/year or more. Usually there's a small membership fee (~6-8$/year for your household) to fund events. Meetings take place in member's homes and local venues of interest. You're encouraged to contact the Chapter Officers in your area to find out when/where their next meeting will be - and attend as a guest to try them out.

Also use people in your area for your specific questions you couldn't find on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Choose A Location

... or simply browse our chapter locations (below) for a chapter nearest you.
You may belong to any chapter regardless of your geography ... and to more than one if it suits you!

Alabama, Alaska, (Arizona Northeast, all else), (Arkansas NW, NE, South), (California SouthS.F. Area and Northward), Colorado, (Connecticut: Use Boston or NY), Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, (Illinois North or South), (Indiana East or West), Iowa, (Kansas East, West), (Kentucky North or South), Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, (Missouri North or South), (Montana Montana West), (Nebraska East, West), (Nevada North or South), New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, (New York West or East), North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, (Oklahoma North, South, West), Oregon, (Pennsylvania North or South), Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, (Texas Northwest, all else), Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Washington, D.C., West Virginia, (Wisconsin North or South), Wyoming  

AMICA is looking for individuals in the Florida/Georgia/Carolinas who are interested in forming local Chapters in these areas!


Most of New England

Come visit our Chapter Website
Chapter By-Laws

  • President: Bill Koenigsberg   
  • Vice President: [vacant]
  • Secretary: Kirk Russell
  • Treasurer: Dorothy Bromage
  • Reporter: Phyllis Konop
  • Board Representative: [vacant]


Chicago Area

Come visit our Chapter Website



San Francisco Area

Come visit our Chapter Website

  • President: John Ulrich - El Sobrante, CA  [Phone: 510-223-9587]
  • Vice President: Roy Powlan
  • Secretary: Russ Kriegel
  • Treasurer/Board Representative: Lyle Merithew & Sandy Swirsky - San Jose CA
  • Reporter: Bob and Bonnie Gonzalez - Corde Madera, CA

Heart of America

Eastern NE, South Western IA, East KS, Western MO, 
North Eastern OK, North West AR areas.

Come visit our Chapter Website 

  • President: Robbie Tubbs
    Vice President:  Bob Stout

    Secretary: Trudy Moffitt

    Treasurer:  Jim & Kay Fletcher

    Reporters: Dan & Carol Davis

    Board Rep: (contact Chapter President)

    Mike Schoeppner (Outgoing Secretary)

Lady Liberty

New York City, Long Island (Nassau, Suffolk), New Jersey, 
Eastern Pennsylvania, and Southern Connecticut.

Come visit our Chapter Website

  • President: Vincent Morgan - Queens Village, NY  [Phone: 718-479-2562]
  • Vice-President (outgoing president):  John Dousmanis
  • Secretary: TBD
  • Treasurer: Maryam Morgan - Brooklyn, NY
  • Reporter: TBD
  • Newsletter Editor: TBD
  • Board Representatives: TBD
  • Membership Chairman: TBD

Land Of Dixie

Georgia, etc. more to come ... Chapter just started July 2010

  • President: Walt Gerber
  • Vice-President: Robert Soule
  • Treasurer: Tim Baxter
  • Secretary: Danita Gerber
  • Board Representatives: Tim Baxter


Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Western Pennsylvania, and Ontario. 

Come visit our Chapter Website 

Northern Lights

Minneapolis/North Central USA/Canada Area
Come visit our Chapter Website

Pacific Can-Am

Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia.

Come visit our Chapter Website

[Former] Sierra Nevada

Sacramento, Northern California and Reno, Nevada

Early in 2009 the former Sierra-Nevada chapter has merged with the Founding Chapter.
Please visit this link.


Southern California

Southern California

Come visit our Chapter Website

  • President: Jerry Pell
  • Vice-President: Mike Choate
  • Secretary/Reporter: Shirley Nix  - Woodland Hills, CA
  • Treasurer: Dianne Reidy
  • Board Representative: Frank Nix

Sowny (South Ontario, Western New-York)

Southern Ontario, Western New York

SOWNY Chapter in front of the Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum
Come visit our Chapter Website


All of Texas

Come visit our Chapter Website


Rocky Mountain

Colorado and surrounding states (Wyoming, Western Kansas, Western Nebraska, Utah, Northern New Mexico, Northwest Texas, Northwest Oklahoma)

Come visit our Chapter Website

  • President:  Jere DeBacker, Denver CO  [Phone: 303-367-1493]
    Vice President: Ken Hodge, Parker, CO
    Secretary: Louise Lucero
    Treasurer: Fred Wilson  - Golden, CO
    Board Representative: <Vacant>
    Bulletin Reporter: Larry Emmons - Ten Sleep, WY

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