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          Encyclopedia of Disc Music Boxes 1881 - 1920
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          Catalog Raisonné,
                and Appreciation.
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Look What I Found ...

Here are some very interesting websites that provide information/music/video that is of interest to AMICA website visitors. Items will be added to the top of the list as I encounter them.

Video clips generally require a high-speed internet connection. For the YouTube videos with slow-connections simply let the show download in its choppy manner, then once done hit the play button again and you'll see it uninterrupted (cached).

I'm going to arrange/taxonomize this list shortly, but I wanted to get some links up and going now. I'm thinking about how I want this page to look.

Text - The Day of the Player Piano (American Heritage Magazine) "It didn’t last long. But we never got over it.", By Joseph Fox

VIDEO (Best to right-click / Save-As ...) - Paul Eakins - Here is a segment from the August 24, 1960 episode of "I've Got A Secret".  Paul Eakins was a guest contestant that evening.  He was the 2nd guest of the evening, in-between the man who had carrots in his ears and two fellows who arrange 421 blind dates a one time. Gloria Swanson was the celebrity guest on this episode and she is seen in the end credits admiring the instruments on the stage. The show was hosted by Gary Moore. 

From the June-30-06 MMD Chris Writes: Hi all,  After hearing about this TV show for over 30+ years, I have finally obtained a copy of grandfather Paul Eakins appearance on the TV program, "I've Got A Secret".  The program was originally broadcast on August 24, 1960.  Someone had the hobby of recording old TV shows on late night TV and recorded it a few years ago.  I was searching the Internet and found someone had recorded it; thank goodness, as this episode will never be shown again due to the fact it had Winston cigarettes as a sponsor. 

The clip runs about 5:35 minutes long and shows the Seeburg H and Mills Double Violano playing.  I was so excited about finally being able to see this program, I have decided to run a sale on the web site and share my happiness with everyone.   Happy viewing! - Chris Carlisle -

VIDEO - "Mr. Rogers" TV show, Fred Rogers learns about player-pianos and roll manufacturing on his children's program.

VIDEO - AMICAN's Jerry/Gail Bay - WPRI in Providence, RI did TV segment about our Mechanical Music collection

Sound - Recordings of Classical Piano Rolls - Nimbus Record Website

Text/Photos - Electric Vortzeser project, and more!

Text/Photos - "'Perfessor' Bill's" Player Piano History and Evolution

VIDEO - The National Museum van Speelklok tot Pierement in Utrecht, Netherlands, made a short video file with music of a beautiful 25-key spinet harpsichord (ottavino, spinettina) played by a pinned barrel. (2.9 Mb)

VIDEOS - From the 061028 MMD: Thanks to D. L. Bullock for the URLs of mechanical music videos on YouTube!  Here are a few nice ones I found featuring carousels with live band organs playing. 

This is taken by a rider on the Glen Echo, Maryland, Dentzel carousel, with its Wurlitzer 165 band organ playing some of the tune "Nola."

Here's the Griffith Park Spillman carousel in Los Angeles, Calif., with its Stinson 165 (model 87) band organ playing "Charley My Boy."  The whole tune is here -- except for the last note!  (The organ playing is the one outside the carousel, not the North Tonawanda organ in the center.)

This one is the newly-carved Coolidge Park carousel in Chattanooga, Tenn., with its Stinson 165 (model 57) playing some of "We Must Have A Song To Remember."  (Next to the organ is a small mock-up facade resembling a Wurlitzer 165.)

Here is the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (Calif.) Looff carousel with its Ruth organ (165 rolls or MIDI of same) playing part of "I Went To Your Wedding."

This is taken on the Bushnell Park Stein & Goldstein carousel in Hartford, Conn., with its Wurlitzer 153 playing the end of "While Strolling Through The Park One Day" and some of "In The Good Old Summertime."

And here's a short clip of the Prospect Park Carmel carousel in Brooklyn, N.Y., with its Wurlitzer 153 playing "Wedding Of The Winds."

Here's an Aeolian Pianola playing "Blue Skies" (complete). 

The Walt Disney Haunted Mansion demented Pipe organ recorded by the talented and ghoulishly demented Gaylord Carter on a Robert Morton in Glendale.  If you have been through the haunted Mansion at Disney world you may recognize this:  

Player pianos on U-Tube -- Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy: 

A really out-of-tune Italian barrel piano: 

And a really nice rendition of Doll Dance:

Player piano from TV:

Band organ on the street:

Another band organ:

A really nice one here:

and one playing classical music: 

Another band organ: 

Vladimir de Pachman making a roll at the Welte recording piano: 

Happy kids appreciating a coin piano: 

Little Brown Jug on roll: 

Cremona playing Memphis Blues, I think; one of those W.C. Handy things:

Mortier playing at Music House Museum Key frame shot:

Be sure you are lying on your left side to watch this one (LOL):

Hold that position and watch a Violano:

Big Mortier front view:

I really don't get this one.  I am told it is Joyland Louie, an institution in Wichita: 

This may be Stan Kann on the Wurlitzer at the St. Louis Fox:

Theater organ and soprano:

And of course, my good friend Lew Williams plays a Rosa Rio tune with the composer listening:

My favorite artist performing my favorite song of his (Fats Waller):

There is also Xavier Cugat in an old movie with Jimmy Durante, Bing Crosby, Betty Grable, Van Johnson and other faces you will recognize. Who is that lady in the tutti-frutti hat?  No, it isn't Carmen Miranda:

Some Joplin rags:

And of course Ballet Mecanique:




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